Increase Your Systems Capabilities

When you purchased your Stone Edge Order Management system, it had a set of capabilities which at the time of its purchase, met your needs. Over time though, your needs change and you need a system to help keep up with your demands. You can move to a new system or you can see what’s available to make your existing system do more for you. From sales channel integrations to shipping solutions, Technology Copilot has a solution for you. If you don’t see it here, we can build a solution which meets your needs.

Sales Channels

Technology Copilot can help expand your marketplace presence with a suite of integrations which target many of the available sales channels out there. You can learn more about them here. Additionally, Technology Copilot has other solutions which work with your existing sales channels.


Shipping has evolved over the years with more and more complex options for merchants to choose from. Additionally, shipping is one of a merchant’s biggest expenses. Technology Copilot’s shopping integrations can help save you money.

Sales Tax

Nothing has change quite as much as sales tax over the last several years. It has been become so complex and dynamic that systems, including the new sales tax collection systems, have failed to keep up with this change. Technology Copilot has several integrations with Tax Jar which is one of the leading sales tax services available.


Reward programs can be instrumental in helping promote customer loyalty. In order to have a good loyalty program, it needs timely/accurate information regarding the sales and returns of your customers enrolled in the loyalty program. We have integrated with one of the leading systems, ZinRelo. See below.

Fraud Detection

Fraud has become a hug problem for many online retailers. Stone Edge’s MaxMind integration is dated and they now consider it legacy.

Marketing Platforms

Understanding who your customers are and what they want is key to effectively marketing to them. We have several integrations with companies that can help you answer these questions. They have powerful tools for you to engage with your customers based on information from your order management system.

Review Engines

Nothing beats a product review from a real live customer. With YotPo, confirmed customers can review products they purchased from you to help build richer content on your online store.


Stone Edge can be used as your Customer Relationship Management system, but it is limited. Many customers augment their order management system with an online CRM solution. With our integration Stone Edge can actively pass information up to the CRM so that there is a more unified look at your customer.

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