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If you’re like most small businesses, you dread the thought of having to deal with the systems that support your enterprise. This includes your software, network, PCs and your servers. Giving this the right level of attention can help your business succeed and thrive. Technology Copilot can help provide this support for your business. We support both the Stone Edge related software and the systems that this and your other software depends on.

Stone Edge Order Manager


We are experts in all versions of the Stone Edge Order Manager system. We’ve helped enhance and support it for over a decade. We’ve always taken the attitude that if a customer calls, we’ll help them in any way possible. We have no defined maintenance agreements of any kind to help support your systems. If you call and you’re a customer in good standing or have pre-paid the hours necessary to cover the time, you’ll get help.

Note that while we help support the Stone Edge Order Manager, we always recommend keeping current with maintenance plans they provide. They are the software provider and as such, there may be times you’ll need to go directly to them for help. Also, being on their maintenance plan gives you access to the new versions of their software which will contain bug fixes and software enhancements.
You can pre-pay hours here to get started.

Stone Edge Specific Services

Additionally, we offer some specific services. Pricing for some of these are variable due to the size, scope and criticality of your needs. For those you’ll need to contact us to get more information.

IT Support and Services

Like many small businesses, you may have operated your IT on your own or you found a friend who has a full-time job, but can only help you when he’s available. As your business has grown, this kind of situation is probably not a good one. At some point, you will find yourself stuck where your friend is unavailable, or you are at the limits of what you yourself can do. During the time you’re stuck, your business is suffering. Products aren’t being shipped or customers aren’t able to find out the status of their orders.

If this is your situation, or you’d like to simply move away from the group that you’ve been using to something better, please give us a try. Our IT group are experts in the very systems that run your business. Not only that, they work seamlessly with the Stone Edge support team to provide you end to end coverage. You will no longer hear someone say to you, “We have no idea about how your Order Management Systems works, you’ll need to call Stone Edge to get help”. We are one team.

We can do basic ‘break/fix’ activities and full-blown managed services. We have a US based help desk manned with very capable individuals who are experts in this field. Unlike many companies, our IT group will jump on your problem in a timely manner. You won’t be calling/emailing over and over to get their attention.


Break/Fix services involve paying for a problem to get fixed at a predetermined price.  This is the method that many small companies chose when working with a company such as ours to support their systems.  It works like our Stone Edge support.  If you call, and you’re a customer in good standing, we’ll help.  You’ll have direct access to our helpdesk and technicians to help you with your specific problem.

Managed IT Services

For some others, we provide fully managed IT services. With this arrangement, you’ll receive a list of well-defined services on an ongoing basis. This can include 24/7 monitoring of your important systems as well as responsibility for the overall availability of your environment which includes, but not limited to disaster recovery, backups, any server, pc, network issues, etc. If you’re interested in investigating this option, just let us know and we’ll schedule a call to discuss your needs.

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