Stone Edge Standard to Enterprise Migration

As your business grows, Stone Edge can grow with you.  More specifically, the enterprise version of Stone Edge can help meet your ever growing needs.  Unlike the standard version, enterprise can make use of Microsoft’s SQL Server software thus allowing you to add more people, process more orders and do that without major performance and reliability issues. While many merchants are ready to migrate to enterprise, they may feel overwhelmed by the choices they need to make in order to make that change a reality.

Choices like:

  • What hardware and software beyond just Stone Edge to I need to consider?
  • Can I run with the free version of SQL Server or should I consider the pay versions?
  • How will I manage a server when I can’t even manage my existing PCs?
  • How do I make sure that I’m backing up the database correctly in case I need to recover data?
  • Who and how will I accomplish the actual migration?

Technology Copilot can help you make these choices.  We can help ensure they are the right ones for your business.  Quite often merchants either severely over or underspend on enterprise migrations.   While the migration is surely an investment, there are ways to maximize your investment by spending your money in the right places.

These Places Might Be:

  • Don’t run your SQL Server on a PC.  Run it on a server.  A PC might have enough horsepower, but it doesn’t have the redundancies that a good server has.
  • You don’t have to buy name brand servers.  There are some very good shops that can build you a great server with the same warrantee as some of those name brands.
  • Don’t skimp on having a good backup solution.  You should have an on-site and offsite copy of your data which can be easily accessed in case of a disaster.
  • Don’t do it all yourself.   You have a business to grow.  Leave it to a professional.

Technology Copilot offers services to help guide you through this phase of your growth.  We can help take the fear out of the whole process and get you to point B sooner.  Below are some of the services we offer.

Service List

Hardware / Software

  • Recommend Hardware/Software
  • Install SQL Server, optionally configure server, etc.

Optional Test Migration

  • Perform test migration – Makes sure actual migration goes smoothly.
  • Helps uncover data problems or other such issues.

Migration Preparation

  • Quick audit of SQL Server instance
  • Recommend configuration changes and implement approved recommendations
  • Create a blank SEOM database
  • Add SQL Server user & grant them access to the SEOM database
  • Aid in setting up ODBC DSN’s
  • Assist with backup of existing SEOM environment

Migration Assistance

  • Help get migration started
  • Monitor status of migration and state of SQL Server (periodically)
  • Assist with pointing client machines to new SQL Database
  • Assist backing out to existing Access DB, if necessary
  • Implement basic schedule SQL Server jobs:
  • Backups
  • Integrity Checks
  • Index Maintenance

Premium Services

  • Additional jobs, alerts and notifications:
    • Space monitoring job
    • Alerts for system errors
    • Email notifications for alert occurrences and job completions


  • Run Document (contains documentation of the SQL Server configuration, file locations, jobs, alerts, notifications, etc.)
  • Log Shipping (keeping data on a standby SQL Server in synch)
  • Other miscellaneous work by the hour


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