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With the ever-expanding landscape of opportunities to increase sales, it could be hard to ignore all the new and existing sales channels available to online sellers. Luckily, Technology Copilot has integrated many of these sales channels into Stone Edge Order Manager. With these integrations, you’ll be able to start selling, and managing your orders inside of the system seamlessly without the need for either processing the orders outside of Stone Edge or needing to manually enter the orders.

Shopping Cart Integrations

It may be time for you to start selling online or it might be time to migrate from the tired and out of date shopping cart that you’re currently using. Many of the carts that were popular years ago have fallen behind in terms of feature/function and/or have become prohibitively expensive. As a result, we have, for the last several years, offered state of the art integrations with the four most popular carts there are today. Each of these integrations have been available for the last several years and are constantly being enhanced.

Marketplace Integrations

Marketplaces like Amazon have become a popular platform to sell your merchandise. By placing your items on a marketplace, you can gain greater visibility of your products as you are selling alongside thousands of other merchants.   Depending on what you offer, you might realize a significant bump in sales by engaging with one or more of these platforms. Technology Copilot has integrated with several marketplaces.

Channel Management Integrations

Beyond just selling on one or more platforms, it has become increasingly popular to use services that manage one or more of these platforms under one umbrella.   These ‘channel management’ solutions not only contain a single way to view all the orders from your sales channels, but they also help with value added services. Services such as ‘repricing’, ‘product information management’ across all your sales channels make these solutions attractive. Technology Copilot has integrated with the following channel management solutions.

EDI Sales Channel Integrations

Depending on what and how much of it you sell, you may need to receive your orders over EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Many larger companies prefer this method as it helps ensure orders are handled in an automated fashion and that their business partner (you) can handle these same orders electronically using this standard (and dated) mechanism to manage business communications. Technology Copilot has performed many EDI integrations with the following platforms. Please contact for further information.

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