Rakuten Order Import/Tracking Update Automation

Currently Stone Edge does not provide a method to import orders or export tracking for the Rakuten Marketplace. As a result, customers who choose to process their Rakuten orders using Stone Edge are required to manually enter them. The Technology Copilot Stone Edge Rakuten Import/Export Utility allows customers to import Rakuten Orders into Stone Edge and export tracking data into a file suitable for importing into Rakuten.


  • Import orders directly into Stone Edge from downloaded Rakuten Orders file.
  • Export tracking using Rakuten Tracking Export form.
  • Upload Tracking into Rakuten to mark orders complete


  • Software updates include any bug fixes and software enhancements
  • Support includes troubleshooting / fixing any software bugs that might arise in the application.  
  • Support doesn’t include troubleshooting and fixing anything outside of the cart integration.  
  • Examples:
  • Anything system related – Out of hard drive space, hard drives crashes, files accidently deleted, etc.  affecting the software’s ability to function.
  •  Database data related issues – Configuration issues – SKUs, shopping carts, etc.


  • The price of the Rakuten Import/Export is $450 this includes setup, testing, configuration and one month of free support.

System Requirements

  • Version 5.9 to most current Standard or Enterprise version of Stone Edge
  • Stone Edge generic cart required for order import

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