Why Technology CoPilot?

Technology Copilot was founded in 2007 with the mission to help small business get to the next level with the use of innovative and practical technology. This mission came from a deep-seated desire to not only be a part of this kind of transformation, but to be a major contributor in helping make it happen.  While we have substantial experience working in large companies as well as small, our greatest satisfaction has been working with small companies.

Small to medium sized companies tend to be more:

  • Results oriented
  • Goal oriented
  • Impact oriented
  • Bottom line oriented

While our strength is in online order management, we excel in building integrations as well. We connect with a multitude of sales channels, shipping systems, payment gateways, fraud detection services, tax services, etc. These integrations are available for a reasonable cost as either a subscription or perpetual license. Doing so helps make the systems we work with, namely Stone Edge, more capable and helps small online merchants extend their reach.

We understand both systems and applications. This helps us solve not just application problems, but system problems as well which might be helping to cause the application problem.   It could be an overloaded database, network, or some other kind of system problem. By doing so we can be more of a one stop shop instead of bouncing back and forth between companies in search of a solution.

Every Technology Copilot employee you work with is an expert in their field. They talk on the phone with you in addition to providing support over email. And all of them clearly understand the world of eCommerce. By understanding this world completely, we can, along with you, help come up with appropriate solutions to help solve your everyday problems efficiently and effectively.

Everyone on the team is customer focused on getting problems solved and projects completed on time and on budget. We do our best to get from point A to point B without meandering. We know you don’t have time for that as well as we don’t either.

We invite you to consider using our products and services. We hope, that together, we can help grow your online business with innovative and practical use of technology.


IT Support

  • Manned helpdesk available 7 days a week
  • Can provide ad hoc or managed 24 x 7 managed systems support
  • Are well certified to solve small and large problems professionally and quickly

Application Development and Support

  • Experts in Microsoft technologies including Office, .NET, APIs, etc.
  • Experts in using Stone Edge order manager which is our application of choice for small online retailers
  • Communicate with customers directly and aren’t hidden away in a dark room

Energize and Optimize Your Order Management


Platforms We Work With