Sears Marketplace Integration

Currently, Stone Edge does not provide a method to import orders or export tracking for the Sears Marketplace. As a result, customers who choose to process their Sears orders using Stone Edge are required to manually enter them or sign up for a service like Channel Advisor. Using the Sears API, the Technology Copilot Stone Edge Sears integration allows customers to import Sears Orders into Stone Edge and export tracking data directly into Sears.


  • Import open Sears orders directly into Stone Edge
  • Export Sears order tracking automatically to complete the orders


  • The Sears integration currently doesn’t support QOH updates


  • The price of the Sears Integration is $550 this includes setup, testing, configuration and one month of free support
  • Support outside the first month is handled at Technology Copilot’s hourly rate

System Requirements

  • Version 5.9 to most current Standard or Enterprise version of Stone Edge
  • Stone Edge generic cart required for order import

 Technology Copilot’s service is top notch.  They have done a super job with the Sears integration.  The support they offer is reliable and dependable.  I would highly recommend to anyone needing this service.   

Doug Carpenter

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