Jet Integration

Unless you are using the ChannelAdvisor shopping cart, Stone Edge doesn’t provide a method to automatically process Jet Marketplace orders. The Technology Copilot Stone Edge Jet Marketplace integration allows you to seamlessly manage orders and inventory levels without any manual intervention. It installs locally and communicates directly with Jet using their most current API.


  • Import Jet orders directly into Stone Edge
    • After orders are imported they are auto acknowledged to Jet
  • Export Jet order tracking automatically
    • Supports full or partial shipment data
  • Update Jet quantity on hand in near real time
    • Normal, kit, alternate SKU, static dropship QOH supported
  • Automatically refund Jet orders (returns or cancellations)
  • Pricing updates from Stone Edge to Jet from any defined pricing level


  • Software updates include any bug fixes and software enhancements
  • Support includes troubleshooting / fixing any software bugs that might arise in the application.  
  • Support doesn’t include troubleshooting and fixing anything outside of the cart integration.  
  • Examples:
  • Anything system related – Out of hard drive space, hard drives crashes, files accidently deleted, etc.  affecting the software’s ability to function.
  •  Database data related issues – Configuration issues – SKUs, shopping carts, etc.


  • Monthly Subscription
  • $70/month for initial store, $40/month for each additional store
  • Setup fee of $150 for initial store, and $100 for each additional store
  • Get one month free by purchasing a yearly subscription


  • Perpetual License
  • Call for pricing

System Requirements

Technology Copilot has been a trusted software partner for over five years. They are our goto experts for all things related to Stone Edge Order Manager.

Providing quick response times and expert knowledge, they ensure our software runs trouble-free so our company can process and ship orders each and every day.

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