Stone Edge Performance Tuning

Running a slow application can be devastating to your productivity.  This is especially true if the application you are running is core to your business like Monsoon Stone Edge. 

The slow response of the application can be aggravating, but can also negatively affect your business in the following ways:

  • Customer is aggravated because they must remain on the phone longer than desired waiting for your Stone Edge order query to come back.
  • Your bookkeeping department cannot enter vendor invoices fast enough into the system and they are beginning to pile up.
  • Purchase orders are not being created in a timely manner.
  • Reports take too long to run affecting the timeliness of this critical data.

All of this leads to aggravation; aggravation for yourselves and ultimately, your customers.

This doesn’t need to be the case.  Stone Edge can be made to run faster than it currently does.  Getting the system to perform better requires careful upfront analysis and then some testing verifying if the changes made actually work.  While it may be easier to decide to upgrade to the enterprise version, if you are a standard user, it isn’t always necessary.

There are a number of reasons that your system may not be running well.  Technology Copilot will check each one of these areas and will make recommendations and/or implement changes which will directly address the potential problem area(s).

While it’s difficult to make guarantees in this sort of service, Technology Copilot has been able to speed up many Stone Edge environments.  By looking at a number of potential areas, not just one, it’s quite possible to correlate and fix performance problems after careful review of your environment.

Below are some areas that Technology Copilot will look into when performing the analysis:

  • Network
    • Speed
    • Layout
  • Database
    • Missing indexes
    • Size
  • Anti-Virus
    • Active scanning slowing SEOM down
  • PCs
    • Horsepower
  • Stone Edge
    • Stack location
    • Status Updates
    • Compact & Repair
    • Version
  • MS Access
    • Service packs

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