QuickBooks Integration Readiness

Many Stone Edge users wish to more tightly integrate the financial data produced by the system with their QuickBooks systems.  In order to properly integrate the two, there are a number of things which need to be verified and optionally corrected prior to integration.   The term garbage in / garbage out applies to this service.   If the financial data inside of the system is garbage, then data exported out to QuickBooks will be as well.  The goal here is to clean up your data and your processes to ensure that the financial data exported to your financial system is solid.

Technology Copilot works exclusively with Professional Business Solutions 4 U, LLC www.Consulting4qb.com to provide this service.  Professional Business Solutions 4 U provides expert QuickBooks consulting and can help “hold your hand” during your ultimate integration with QuickBooks.  We work together to help provide you with a complete solution to help ensure that the proper data is being exported into QuickBooks.

Areas that Technology Copilot will focus on:

Data Cleanup:

  • Verify and help correct orders with credits due and balances due which don’t represent reality.
  • Verify and help correct purchase orders which are marked as open which have expected items which will never come.
  • If planning to receive invoices into Stone Edge, mark past items from Purchase Orders that have already been received and invoiced as already invoiced in Stone Edge.
  • Verify and help correct orders which have shipped, but have no ship dates
  • Verify and help correct orders which have shipped, but have no tracking numbers.
  • Verify and help correct orders with backorders which will never be filled.

    Process Review and Improvement:

    • Verify charges and credits are being done properly.
    • Verify approval and shipping process.
    • Verify purchasing, receiving, and invoicing process.
    • Verify backorder process.
    • Verify returns process
    • Verify drop shipping process

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