Custom Email Templates

Email communication to your customers can be used as an effective marketing tool.  In order to do this, the communications should look professional and give you a chance to leave a good impression with them.  For the most part, the default email templates in Stone Edge don’t produce the most professional looking emails.  As a result, they can result in a missed opportunity. Technology Copilot can help you create professional looking emails which not only look nice, but also help engage with the customer again so that they come back to your site and purchase again.

Here are some ways this can be done:

  • Offer compelling offers that drive customers back to your site.
  • Let your customers know that you run a professional business by sending professional looking emails.
  • Cross-sell customers via the MyBuys enabled emails.

Stone Edge offers you the entire framework necessary to create wonderful looking emails.  They simply don’t offer an easy way to create them unless you are an HTML guru.  Luckily Technology Copilot has these gurus able to assist. They will work with you to better understand exactly what you’d like your emails to look like and then create them for you.

HTML Invoice Examples

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