Version Upgrade Assistance

Upgrading Stone Edge can sometimes be a nightmare. It can be this way if something goes wrong and if it does, it can bring your business to a grinding halt. For this reason, Technology Copilot offers version upgrade assistance. We can handle the project from soup to nuts. When the upgrade is completed, you’ll be rest assured that your new version works.

There are many concerns when doing an upgrade, while Stone Edge has made the upgrade process manageable, there are a number of things that can go wrong which might affect your business in a bad way. Many of these negative impacts can be prevented with proper planning and execution. Upgrades that have gone wrong fall into some of the following buckets:

  • A number of PCs can’t be upgraded for one reason or another.
  • Some of the new components that are part of the upgrade (like ShipRush) aren’t working.  You are required to use a very slow workaround to ship your products.
  • Specific functions you are trying to perform have errors that now pop up or don’t work at all.
  • The customizations or custom reports you had are no longer working and they are critical to the business.

While some of these may be software glitches, many of the problems from above are related to insufficient planning and proper testing.  Technology Copilot knows the right questions to ask along with the proper level of planning, execution and testing required in order to help ensure success of your upgrade.

There are a variety of details that need to be handled before and during the upgrade.  Some of the questions to ask before you decide to migrate are:

  • Why am I doing an upgrade?
  • Are there customizations that I should worry about losing?
  • When is the best time to do the upgrade?
  • Should the upgrade be tested prior to the final upgrade?
  • What are the impacts to my business if the upgrade fails?  Is there a better time to do this or is now the best time?


Some of the questions to ask before you start the actual migration are:

  • Do I have sufficient time to finish the migration in case it goes longer than expected?
  • Do I have a fall back plan in case the migration fails?
  • Do I know who to call, and can I get ahold of someone if I need assistance?
  • How do I verify that the migration was successful and that I can continue business?


Technology Copilot has much expertise in upgrading Stone Edge customers.   With our help you can get the following benefits:

  • Reduce the likelihood of failure, thus reducing the potential impact to your business.
  • Take responsibility of the upgrade outcome, thus eliminating the frequent calls to Stone Edge support.
  • Help maximize the benefits of the upgrade by assisting you in taking advantage of any new features/bug fixes you require.

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