ShipSource Integration

While Stone Edge supports shipping via all 3 major carriers, both USPS and FedEx require 3rd party software. Without having the latest version of Stone Edge (7.7), users cannot rate shop across all 3 carriers at once. As a result, getting the best rate is difficult at best. This leads to higher than expected cost which impacts a merchant’s bottom line Technology Copilot’s integration with ShipSource requires no additional 3rd party software.


Rate Shop:

  • Rate shopping across all major carriers, specify max transit time
  • Rate shop at manual order entry screen
  • Auto rate shop print (one click rate shop label printing)



  • Fully supports all Stone Edge shipping interfaces (view order, quick ship, pack & ship, and batch printing)
  • Supports Amazon Prime shipping
  • Print manifest from all major carriers directly inside of Stone Edge



  • Reprint labels from all major carriers within Stone Edge
  • Ability configure reference data on shipping label
  • Integrated packing slip/label to help stream line fulfillment
  • Ability to customize label with company logo
  • Real time USPS refunds



  • All major carriers/shipping methods supported (USPS, FedEx UPS)
  • FedEx OneRate
  • Commercial Plus USPS pricing
  • Supports GDN (Global Delivery Network) international shipping
  • No 3rd party software required
  • Custom carriers supported as well


  • Pricing available via ShipSource after initial call (Technology Copilot can make the introductions)

System Requirements

  • Version 5.9 to most current Standard or Enterprise version of Stone Edge
  • Stone Edge generic cart required for order import
  • Active subscription to ShipSource

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