FBA Integration

Stone Edge doesn’t currently support the management of FBA data inside of their order management system.  Technology Copilot has developed a set of utilities and processed to help effectively manage your FBA business inside of Stone Edge.  With this solution you can import orders, adjustments, returns and reconcile your inventory. Additionally, utilities enable you to automate the pulling of inventory to ship to FBA and processes created to help manage the flow of products and orders.  The solution installs locally and leverages Amazon’s text files available for download from Seller Central.


  • Import FBA orders which have already shipped into Stone Edge.  As orders are imported (using the Stone Edge generic cart):
    • Orders are approved with the approval date equal to the ship date of the items
    • Actual ship date is set
    • Actual tracking number imported and associated with the order
    • Split shipments (from separate warehouses) supported
  • Import FBA returns
    • Utility finds and processes an actual return and discards or returns to inventory the items returned based on Amazon’s item disposition (sellable or not)
  • Import FBA Adjustments
    • Utility performs actual inventory adjustment in Stone Edge for the items that Amazon adjusted as well as records the adjustment reason inside of Stone Edge (and adjusts QOH).
  • Reconcile FBA Inventory
    • Utility reports QOH in SEOM versus the QOH in FBA identifying differences which need to be explored.


  • Integration uses text files generated by Amazon reports.  There is no direct API integration.
  • The FBA integration doesn’t manage processes such as removals and requires manual entry of FBA purchase orders and receiving.
  • Due to Stone Edge limitations, FBA SKUs need to be named separate from their merchant fulfilled SKU equivalents or a separate database for FBA data is required.


    • The price of the FBA Integration is $825 this includes setup, testing, configuration and one month of free support.

      System Requirements

      • Version 5.9 to most current Standard or Enterprise version of Stone Edge
      • Stone Edge generic cart required for order import

      We have been working with Steve from Technology copilot for years. 

      The knowledge, service, and commitment they provide is unbeatable. They have a full grip on the programming they offer. Recently we decided we need some good software for FBA import, we did a lot of research on software programs. We looked at what’s offered based on the cloud and on desktop, we decided to go with Technology CoPilot.  It’s now a few months of using it. I can tell you THIS IS THE PROGRAM TO GO WITH. the flexibly of all the reports we are able to pull, the exporting to QB, Etc. is beyond we ever could have thought.  Thanks Steve.

      Joel Weiss


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