Signifyd Integration

Signifyd provides guaranteed eCommerce fraud protection.  The Technology Copilot  Integration with Signifyd, you can enjoy the benefits of their fraud detection for manual orders and synchronize fraud detection outcomes for orders placed on your web site in Stone Edge.  With this information readily available in Stone Edge, you can eliminate fraud while not losing any of your operational efficiencies in your order processing. Note this solution can be used for any cart integration, even if Signifyd doesn’t currently support the direct integration.



For cart placed orders

While Signifyd integrates with several shopping carts including Big Commerce, Shopify and Magento there is no requirement for Signifyd to support your shopping cart with this integration.  Fraud checking against the Signifyd API is done at the time orders are imported into Stone Edge.

For manually entered orders

This solution is fully integrated into the manual order entry.   In real-time, results are returned from Signifyd using their API when an order is saved in the system.

Orders can have one of the following dispositions after their initial fraud check is completed by Signifyd.

  • Order is good
    • The order can be approved and pick-packed-and shipped
  • Order is fraudulent
    • The order will automatically be put into a fraud state
  • No immediate answer
    • The order is put into pending fraud check state
    • On a schedule, a process will periodically reach out to Signifyd to find out whether the order is cleared or is determined to be fraud.   Stone Edge order state updated to reflect response


  • Software updates include any bug fixes and software enhancements
  • Support includes troubleshooting / fixing any software bugs that might arise in the application.  Support doesn’t include troubleshooting and fixing anything outside of the Signifyd Integration. Examples:
    • Anything system related – Out of hard drive space, hard drives crashes, files accidently deleted, etc.  affecting the software’s ability to function.
    • SEOM data related issues – Configuration issues – SKUs, shopping carts, etc.


  • Available $799.  Yearly Software Assurance available for $150/ year.  (First year included for free)

System Requirements

  • Version 5.9 to most current Standard or Enterprise version of Stone Edge.

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