Zinrelo Stone Edge Integration

Zinrelo (http://zinrelo.com) is one of the best loyalty rewards and referral program in the world.  Their platform can help you maximize revenue per customer and new customer acquisition.  Technology Copilot’s Stone Edge Zinrelo Integration is a fully automated integration that allows order, product, and return data to flow up to ZinRelo thus helping to enable Zinrelo to record reward points earned (orders shipped) and reward points lost (returns).


  • Using Zinrelo’s batch mode integration, process and send activity files to Zinrelo’s ftp server
  • Activity files transmitted include:
    • Purchase Activity file – List of daily orders
    • Products Data File – List of products associated with those daily orders
    • Returns Activity File – List of daily order returns
  • Zinrelo processes these files nightly updating a customer’s reward balance
  • For shopping carts that already integrate with Zinrelo, this offers a way to capture manual orders and returns processed in Stone Edge which aren’t otherwise captured in Zinrelo


  • Software updates include any bug fixes and software enhancements
  • Support includes troubleshooting / fixing any software bugs that might arise in the application.  Support doesn’t include troubleshooting and fixing anything outside of the Zinrelo Integration. Examples:
    • Anything system related – Out of hard drive space, hard drives crashes, files accidently deleted, etc.  affecting the software’s ability to function.
    • SEOM data related issues – Configuration issues – SKUs, shopping carts, etc


  • The price of the Zinrelo Integration is $499 this includes setup, testing, configuration and the first year of support free
  • Any customizations that need to be made will be charged at our hourly rate

System Requirements

  • Version 5.9 to most current Standard or Enterprise version of Stone Edge
  • Subscription with Zinrelo

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