Loop Returns Integration for Shopify Merchants

Loop Returns (https://www.loopreturns.com/ ) helps handle the costly and inefficient process of retail/e-commerce returns.  Loop approaches the return by navigating the user through a series of questions aimed at keeping their business.   It starts with questions around sizing of the item, and then moves to the notion of an exchange, and then offers the customer credit with the brand over a return.  Technology Copilot has integrated this software with Stone Edge Order Manager by giving the Stone Edge customer the ability to import completed loop returns in a batch thus eliminating the need to manually enter any returns into Stone Edge again once the Loop system is implemented.


  • Loop return process runs periodically to download returns, thus queueing them up to import into Stone Edge.
  • Returns are imported via a custom Loop Returns form inside of Stone Edge
  • Returned items are either put back into inventory or discarded based on Shopify status of the item.
  • Returned items are a created exactly how they would be created if you were to manually enter the return in the order.
  • The imported return produces accounting friendly results in that the dates of the return are consistent as to when the item itself was received.
  • When exchanges are made Loop generates a new order and exchange credit is made against the original order.


  • Software updates include any bug fixes and software enhancements
  • Support includes troubleshooting / fixing any software bugs that might arise in the application. Support doesn’t include troubleshooting and fixing anything outside of the integration. 
  • Examples:
    • Anything system related – Out of hard drive space, hard drives crashes, files accidently deleted, etc. affecting the software’s ability to function.
    • Database data related issues – Configuration issues – SKUs, shopping carts, etc.


  • Monthly Subscription
    • $50/month for initial store, $40/month for each additional store
    • Setup fee of $150 for initial store, and $75 for each additional store
    • Get one month free by purchasing a yearly subscription

    System Requirements

    We have been working with Steve from Technology copilot for years. 

    The knowledge, service, and commitment they provide is unbeatable. They have a full grip on the programming they offer. Recently we decided we need some good software for FBA import, we did a lot of research on software programs. We looked at what’s offered based on the cloud and on desktop, we decided to go with Technology CoPilot.  It’s now a few months of using it. I can tell you THIS IS THE PROGRAM TO GO WITH. the flexibly of all the reports we are able to pull, the exporting to QB, Etc. is beyond we ever could have thought.  Thanks Steve.

    Joel Weiss


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