Stone Edge Order Manager

Stone Edge Order Manager ( is an affordable, powerful order management system for small to medium sized business.  Technology Copilot has been working with this system since our beginning in 2007.  The Stone Edge software itself has been around for 20 years and during that time it’s proven very adaptable to the current 2019 eCommerce conditions.

Technology Copilot identified an opportunity to work with the Stone Edge software to provide customers services after the sale.  These services included consulting, general support, report writing, and small customizations the customers required.  Since our backgrounds included development, operations and eCommerce, Stone Edge was the ideal platform for us.  With Stone Edge expertise we were able to not only advise small merchants but make the changes in the software based on our recommendations.  Having an open architecture such as MS Access/VBA, Stone Edge allowed both users and 3rd parties like ourselves to modify and extend its capabilities.  With such changes, it enabled users to continue to use the application as their needs and integration challenges change.

We have worked with both small, and large companies all using this software.  We are most proud of working for companies that started small, and with the help of Stone Edge Order Manager and our services have helped them grow much larger.  Many of these companies continue to use the software while others have moved on to use software that can help them take it to the next level.  The point here is that there is a lot of room to grow with Stone Edge Order Manager.  We’ve personally worked with companies whose revenue is north of $50M a year and have worked with companies with revenue of less than $500K a year. 

Fast Forward to 2020 and Technology Copilot continues to work with Stone Edge, and while we continue with what we started, we have, for the last several years, started offering integrations with the latest platforms available to further enhance the system’s value.  Our expertise in the system is broad and deep.  Our intimate knowledge of the platform enables us to help you get the most out of the system.   If you are interested in learning more about the Stone Edge Order Manager, feel free to reach out to them here:


Our hope here at Technology Copilot is that between Stone Edge and other third party vendors like us, we can collectively make your experience with the software be a positive one.  You can maximize its benefits and like us, you can grow your business to new heights never thought imaginable.

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