PO Import

The PO Import allows you to create Purchase Orders and Inventory (if it doesn’t already exist) from access tables or from text files (either txt or CSV).  It is fully integrated into the stone Edge Order Manager application.  It exists as a separate tab on existing Purchase Orders form.  (See below)


There are three columns on the PO Import form:

Column 1
Represents the fields necessary to create a Purchase Order from the imported data.  At a minimum the Local SKU and Quantity fields need to be present.

Column 2
Represents all of the data fields required to create an inventory item if that item does not already exist in the system.  Note that the PO Import form does not update inventory data if it already exists in the system.  It will only initially create the inventory with the inventory fields if it doesn’t already exist. 

Column 3
Represents the inventory supplier fields used at PO creation and inventory creation time. After the import source is opened, the form will default match the data (if possible) against the column header source.


If you choose to name your column something else, you will need to use the dropdown next to the item to select the correct heading.


The minimum required information to create a line item on a PO is the LocalSKU and the Quantity.  This will check that the LocalSKU is in your inventory and will add the line item to the PO.  The supplier picked by the POImport process will be the primary supplier if one exists, or if not, the supplier that is alphabetically first. (See Specify a Supplier below.)


Any of the following may be added and will fill the associated PO Line Item fields:

Expected Cost, Date Expected, Notes, Buyer, Date Due, Cancel Date, Comments.


POImport may also be used to create inventory:  The following fields are required if you want to have the inventory created: Local SKU, Item Name, SupplierID, Supplier SKU, and Cost.  The SupplierID must be a valid SupplierID for a Supplier currently in your store.

 Additional fields that may be supplied to fill in your inventory item:  Category, Price, Reorder Point, Reorder Quantity, Taxable (True, False), Yahoo Don’t Upload (True, False), DropShip (True, False), ISBD (Currency, loads into the Inventory Currency3 field).  IsPrimarySupplier (True, False) marks the specified SupplierID as the primary supplier.  If not used, the SupplierID is NOT marked as the primary supplier.


By default, the supplier selected for this line item will be its primary supplier.  If there is no primary supplier, it will be the first one alphabetically by supplier name.  However, if you wish to specify a supplier, use the “Supplier ID for Order” field.  If you have supplier ID’s that do not match to any supplier in StoneEdge, you will get an error.

The purchase order(s) will be staged once they have been imported.  If you click on the Create New POs tab, you will be able to review the imported data and make any changes prior to creating the actual POs.


System Requirements

  • Version 5.9 to most current Standard or Enterprise version of Stone Edge


  • The price for the PO Import is $500 this includes setup, testing, configuration and one month of free support

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