Order Split Customization

The order split customization allows orders to be either split onto a new Stone Edge order or merged onto an existing order.   The customization is available for version 5.9 and version 7.X.

The order split functionality is directly accessible from the view order screen (version 5.9X example below)

The following screen performs the actual order split:


  • When order split is selected, the individual items to be split off the order can be pre-selected based on their disposition or individually selected.
  • In the ‘Split off’ box, the pre-selection can occur for Needed (backordered), Shipped (Allocated), or Both (Allocated/Shipped) Items.
  • When an order number is entered into the ‘Add to Existing Order’, the selected items are merged into that order.
  • When the ‘Create New Order’ button is checked, it will create a new order with the items selected.


  • The price of the order split customization is $550 this includes setup, testing, configuration and one month of free support

System Requirements

  • Running Stone Edge version 5.9 or greater

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