Fill Backorders onto Existing Orders

Stone Edge will always create a new order when an approved order has a backorder filled on it.    There is no way to control this behavior.  Depending on how your business runs, this can create many orders from just that one order.  The customization changes this behavior so that approved order will create an initial order, but after each item fill, it will stick the items filled on the currently open order, which is the order that was created when the initial approved order was filled.  After this order is then approved, any items filled on the original order will then create a new order, and the process repeats itself.


  • Fill items onto pending order
  • Works on view orders or batch fill forms

Example Order Flow

  • Order comes in with 5 items.  2 are automatically filled, 3 are back
  • Merchant Approves the order and partially ships the order
  • One of the items arrives and the item is filled onto the original order which creates a new order from the original.   (Existing behavior)
  • Merchant holds onto the items allocated to that new order and wants to ship when the original order is completely fill
  • The rest of the orders are received, they are filled on the original order.
  • Instead of creating a new order, the filled items are added to the existing order that was originally created when the original order was filled (after being approved)
  • Merchant approves and ships the child order.
  • The gist of the change is that Stone Edge will only create a new order when filling an approved order if and only if there is an available pending order associated with the parent order.


  • The price of Fill Backorders onto Existing Orders is $500 this include setup, configuration, testing and one month of free support

System Requirements

  • Version 5.9 to most current Standard or Enterprise version of Stone Edge

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