FedEx 3rd Party Drop Ship Automation

It can be difficult getting tracking from drop ship vendors.  And when tracking is sent, it can be a very manual process to copy and paste the tracking into Stone Edge.  Technology Copilot has automated this process for vendors that use your FedEx 3rd party account to ship from.  If the vendor puts your drop ship order number into an available reference field with a recognized format, this tracking data can be imported into Stone Edge, associated with the Stone Edge order/drop ship PO.  This can save hours a week in labor as well as improve timeliness of sent tracking to your customers/website.


  • Using the FedEx’s Tracking API, 3rd party tracking data is pulled in real time from FedEx.
  • When pulled, the reference data is checked and drop ship PO numbers are validated against your Stone Edge drop ship data.
  • The pertinent tracking is written to internal table which is later pulled when importing tracking into Stone Edge from their existing tools
  • Use the Auto Importer (  to automatically import tracking on a schedule.  Without this process, an individual would need to click the ‘import tracking’ button from the tracking import form.  Note that this requires a dedicated machine or one that isn’t being used at the time the process runs.
  • A daily email is sent with the statistics of how many tracking numbers were processed successfully and unsuccessfully. The unsuccessful tracking numbers are attached to the outgoing email.


  • Subscription
    • One time $500 setup fee which includes the deployment of the automation software, configuration, testing, and go live support.
    • $70/month per month with the ability to cancel at any time.
    • Get one month free by signing up for a yearly plan.
    • Monthly charge includes right to use the 3rd party FedEx tracking solution and free support when issues come up that need to be addressed.

System Requirements

  • A FedEx account with API credentials authorized to pull tracking data from your account
  • Version 5.9 to most current Standard or Enterprise version of Stone Edge
    • If implementing the automated import of drop ship tracking into Stone Edge, a dedicated machine running Stone Edge is required
    • Drop shipper need to enter your Stone Edge purchase order into the FedEx PO Number field or other reference field.

    Using the 3rd Party Dropship Tracking Automation tool design by Technology Copilot has saved us tremendous amounts of time not having to input all the tracking manually for our orders. Also allowing us to keep our customers up to date on the status of their shipments

    Barbara Visco

    The 5S Store

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