Email Tracking Automation for NetSuite

Do you drop ship orders directly from your suppliers to your customers? Do you work with a fulfillment center that cannot seem to connect their systems to NetSuite?  Do you find it difficult to supply this tracking information to your customers in a timely fashion or at all?

 Online retailers don’t have the time or resources to constantly hunt down tracking information, only to then copy / paste information over and over. You have more important things to do, like grow your business.  In NetSuite specifically it is a multi-step process to get a tracking email into the NetSuite order.

 Designed to work specifically with your NetSuite application workflow, our Tracking Import Automator will integrate seamlessly into your current environment.  It will completely automate the process of associating those incoming tracking numbers to your drop ship PO items.


  • As soon as a tracking email is received from your drop ship supplier or fulfillment center, the service automatically
    • Parses the incoming email’s ship date, tracking number and order number
    • Connects via the NetSuite API with a lookup made on the PO and items in that PO
    • Associates the tracking number(s) with the items on the PO in NetSuite
    • Where there are multiple tracking numbers received at the same time, the tracking numbers are associated to each of the individual items on the PO item record.
  • By leveraging the power of our partner, Think Automation, we can leverage their software to do the following operations
    • Parse out the contents of all the incoming emails. Data that can be parse out of emails are PDFs, excel, text, HTML and more


  • $200 setup fee which includes two standard UPS/FedEx triggers – Emails need to contain Dropship/Fulfillment order number and tracking number
  • For additional, custom triggers, we’ll give you a one-time cost based on samples sent to us.  Any new triggers that need to be developed will be estimated as well
  • Monthly charge as follows:
    • 1 – 5 Triggers $50/month
    • 6 – 10 Triggers $60/month
    • 10 – 20 Triggers $85/month

System Requirements

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