Email Tracking Dropship Automation

Do you drop ship orders directly from your suppliers to your customers? Do you find it difficult to supply this tracking information to your customers in a timely fashion? 

Small to medium online retailers don’t have the time or resources to constantly hunt down tracking information from suppliers, only then to copy/paste information over and over. You have more important things to do, like grow your business.

Designed specifically to match the Stone Edge Order Manager workflow, our Tracking Import Automator will integrate seamlessly into your current environment, whether you’re running the Standard Edition with an Access database or the Enterprise Edition with a SQL database.


  • As soon as a tracking email is received from your drop ship supplier, the solution automatically
    • Parses and inserts tracking data and associates it with the drop ship PO originally sent from Stone Edge to your supplier.
    • Inserts additional data (ship date, weight, etc.) into appropriate Stone Edge Order Manager data fields.
    • Sets the appropriate ship date & status of PO items
    • Closes the drop ship purchase order
    • Adds notes along the way to keep you informed when data is written by us.

System Requirements


  • Based on the number of suppliers and the format of their tracking emails.
  • Estimate will be given based on sample tracking emails sent from customer

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