Cycle Counter Utility

The Cycle Counter Utility (CCU) helps your business maintain the integrity of your inventory quantity on hand numbers. It does this by giving you the ability to count your inventory by groups sorted by product velocity so that your inventory can be counted completely within one month’s time.  Management reports are included so that you know what’s left to be counted and what adjustments have been made by the CCU over a period of time.


  • Fully integrated with Monsoon Stone Edge Order Manager
  • Scanning of barcoded inventory (though not required)
  • Manual adjustment of inventory
  • Single or multi-user counting (to maximize the number of items counted)
  • Sorts counting groups by product velocity (Sales, Returns, Adjustments)
  • Breaks down counting groups across each day of the month and provides list of those items to be counted.
  • Works on anything Monsoon Stone Edge runs on (PCs, lapOverdrive Brandstops, tablets, etc.)


  • Provides an ongoing measure of inventory accuracy and procedure execution
  • Reduce or eliminates need to for exhausting physical inventory counts
  • With the included management reports, get a better handle on inventory shrinkage issues


  • Single User $499
  • Multi-User $799
    • Multi-User allows multiple users to count inventory simultaneously.

System Requirements

  • If scanning barcodes, will need to have scanner which works with Monsoon Stone Edge (with a configured prefix and suffix)
  • A windows device running Monsoon Stone Edge Order Manager connected to your Order Manager database

We’ve been using the Cycle Count program for several years with great success.  Our inventory accuracy rates have greatly improved since implementing the program.  We continue to find better ways to use the Cycle Counter with ongoing customizations from Technology Copilot.


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