Bulk Backorder Utility 

There is no way to backorder items in bulk inside of Stone Edge. Bulk backordering items might be useful for business who wishes to reallocate particular items which are already allocated in existing orders. With the bulk backorder utility you’ll have multiple filter capabilities to drill down into the items you wish to re-allocate. Or a business may needing to do a physical inventory count. In this case, they need to backorder all of their allocated items on their pending orders. In this case all of the items associated with these types or orders can be backordered in bulk el0iminating the need to go order by order forcing backorders.


  • Limit items to backorder by Start and End order date
  • Filter by SKU
  • Build List of items to back order by
    •  Pending, allocated items
    •  Approved, allocated items
    •  Approved and pending allocated items
  •  Ability to define unshipped by either no tracking number or ship date
  •  A backordered item table records all of the items backordered. Table includes
    •  Order Number
    •  SKU
    •  Quantity Backordered
    •  Date Backorder was forced
    •  SKU type – Normal or kit SKU


  •  Price of Bulk Backorder Utility is $500.
  •  This price includes setup, testing and one month of free support.

System Requirements

  • Version 5.9 or higher of Stone Edge Order Manager

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