Batch Inventory Adjustment Tool

There isn’t a good way to do bulk inventory adjustments in Stone Edge.  Bulk adjustments are required when many SKUs quantities need to be adjusted from a full physical inventory count.  Stone Edge offers a way to import quantity on hand adjustments via a text file, but these adjustments are not treated as ‘true’ adjustment; QOH is simply overwritten.  As a result:

  • Any FIFO data related to imported QOH is compromised
  • If doing real-time inventory synch with any of your carts, the carts will not be notified of any inventory changes.
  • There is no audit trail
  • There are no inventory adjustments created in the system, so inventory information, if integrated with QuickBooks will be incorrect since it won’t know about the QOH updates


  • Import either absolute QOH numbers or relative + or – changes
  • Imports from CSV file with SKU, Quantity fields
  • Ability to test the file before importing it to verify the integrity of the QOH data.
  • As each line of the file is imported, QOH changed in real-time
  • Any real time QOH cart notifications are sent as the SKUs are updated.
  • Add an adjustment reason that overrides the default ‘Bulk Adjustments’ value


  • Price of Bulk Inventory Adjustments Form is $499 this includes setup and testing.

System Requirements

  • Version 5.9 or higher of Stone Edge Order Manager


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